Get Your Company Logo Embroidered On Polo Shirts

Why should you get your company logo embroidered on polo shirts?

Because nothing screams professionalism like uniformity. When your team all wears the same branded apparel with your company logo, the resulting positive effects are immense.

  • Clients and prospects take you more seriously.
  • It psychologically bonds your staff members together because they are all dressed alike, similar to a sports team.
  • Every team member becomes a walking advertisement and your business gets more exposure.
  • BONUS: It's one less daily decision you have to make because you don't have to think about what to wear to work. Research has proven that with each decision we make, it gradually erodes our willpower and increases stress. The late Steve Jobs, inventor of the iPhone, used to wear the exact same thing every day (a black turtleneck and blue jeans) so that getting dressed was one less thing he had to use brain power for. This freed his mind up to accomplish greater inventing the iPhone.

How To Get Your Logo Embroidered on Polo Shirts

Step 1: Bring in your logo to Zeus' Closet on a thumb drive, or just email it to us. We will examine your logo and let you know if there is a digitizing/setup fee for embroidery.

Step 2: You can either choose from our in-stock shirts, order from one of our catalogs, or bring in your own shirts. We do all of our embroidery in-house and can have your shirts ready the same day if needed (Note: there is a cut off time for same day service, and extra fees apply).

Step 3: We will create a visual preview so that you can see exactly how your finished shirts will look. Once everything is to your liking, you approve the design and pay.

Step 4: We will email you as soon as your shirts are ready for pick up, or you can have them shipped.

So reduce your stress and improve your business by getting your company logo embroidered on polo shirts at Zeus' Closet today.