Same-Day Embroidery In Atlanta

Life moves fast. Before you know it, the big event that has been on your calendar for months is all of a sudden tomorrow. When something like this springs up on you and you need custom gear, head on over to ZC. While most embroidery shops require a minimum order quantity and/or a wait time of 2 weeks, Zeus' Closet can make as few as just one custom shirt for you, and have it ready in as fast as the same day*.

Need branded shirts with your business logo for the trade show this weekend? Want a last-minute monogrammed gift for someone special? Need a custom shirt for the big event tomorrow? We've got you covered.

Same-day services available:

• Applique Embroidery
• Monogramming
• Digitizing

How to Get Same-Day Embroidery Service

First, come in and choose from our in-stock selection of blank garments. We try to keep t-shirts and polos in the most standard colors and sizes on hand. If you require a more unique garment, you'll need to either shop our catalog(s) and order something (that will obviously add a day or two), or bring in your own garment.**

After that, one of our resident artists will personally work with you to design your garment real time while you watch on the flat-screen monitor and give feedback. Once you approve the design, we will send it back to our production department for embroidery. When the embroidery process is complete, our quality control department cleans and inspects it, then packages it up for you.

Use one of the links below to get started.





*Extra rush fees apply for same-day embroidery. Orders must be placed at least 3 hours before closing, and either you must provide the blank garment, or we must have it in stock. If you need more than one item produced the same day, please allow at least one additional hour per item.

**Extra fees may apply for handling provided garments.