How To Be the Hero at Dragoncon

Dragoncon is one of the nation's leading pop culture conventions. Every Labor Day weekend the streets of downtown Atlanta are full of costumed heroes, villians, and everything in between. When it comes to the level of cosplay, Dragoncon is on a whole other level. A lot of thought and work go into these costumes and to pull off the most stunning results, it's absolutely necessary. This is where we come in! Your basic costume just won't do at a cosplay convention like Dragoncon, so let us help you create a truly breathtaking masterpiece.

Here are 4 ways we've helped people finish their costumes:

1. Custom patches

2. Monogramming

3. Embroidering a logo on it

4. Custom printing on t-shirts or fabric

Visit the Zeus' Closet location nearest you today, and our expert designers will help you bring your vision to life.