Make Greek Paddles In Our Atlanta Store

Where to Make Greek Paddles in Atlanta

Need fraternity and sorority paddles and wooden letters, but don’t know where to go? Shopping online is too expensive and takes too long, so most Georgia Tech, Emory, Kennesaw State (KSU), Clarke Atlanta, Spelman, and Morehouse students who are involved in Greek life come to Zeus’ Closet to make their paddles and gifts. We even get people who drive across state lines from Alabama, Tennessee, and South Carolina to shop at Zeus’ Closet in Atlanta for all of their Greek paraphernalia and paddle supplies.

You may remember a store that was previously next door to us called Creatively Greek. Creatively Greek closed at the end of 2015 and Zeus’ Closet purchased all of their paddle supplies so that Greek life students in the Atlanta area could continue getting service without interruption.

Zeus’ Closet has a newly-designed paddle room where you can get all of your paddle supplies and create the most awesome Greek paddle in 4 ways:

Build your own custom Greek paddles
Build your own custom Greek paddles

Option 1: Build-Your-Own Custom Greek Paddles

Choose your blank solid wood paddle from the wall (available in various sizes and stains), then choose all of the peel & stick wooden letters you need to create your masterpiece. We also carry most fraternity and sorority wooden crests, all of the Greek symbols, and the Georgia Tech seal.

Masonic Glossy Paddle
We even make custom paddles
for Masonic organizations.

Option 2: Customize a Glossy Full-Color Paddle

For a more professional touch, we can work with you to design a custom glossy paddle anywhere from 2″ to 8″ tall. These paddles are a little more expensive and take several weeks to produce, but the end result is a true work of art with your letters, graphics, and personalization all laid out in bright, vivid, candy-coated color. You can also order these custom glossy paddles online from our stuff4GREEKS website.

Custom Screenprinted PaddleOption 3: Create a Screen-Printed Full-Color Paddle

For members of Divine 9 organizations, you can proudly display all of your information in full-color graphics from end-to-end on our screen printed paddles. You can design these in the store or order online, and they are produced in just a few days.

Option 4: Buy an Already-Made Paddle Right Off the Shelf

For some of our top-selling organizations, we keep some pre-designed paddles in stock. These make great gifts and wall art.

Please note that Zeus’ Closet does not condone hazing in any form, and these paddles are sold simply as novelty items and wall decoration. They are never to be used to strike another person.

Our store is conveniently nestled in West Midtown at 1339 Marietta Blvd, Atlanta GA 30318. Come in and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, friendly staff, nice music, and space to make the Greek paddles of your dreams. And if we’re ever out of stock of a letter or symbol that you need, just let us know. We can have most items restocked in just a couple of days, or we can ship the missing letters directly to you.

Turtles paddle
Are you a Turtle?