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Zeus' Closet Price List 2022
Add the service prices above to the garment prices from the catalog:




  • All of our embroidery work includes a Lifetime Quality Guarantee.
  • No minimums, except for hats (minimum or 4 hats per order)
  • One piece pricing:
    • $25 per small name or number (a monogram); one line of embroidery less than 2" tall.
    • $35 per large name or number; one line of embroidery or applique 2" tall or more.
    • $35 per small basic logo up to 6" x 6"
    • $65 per large basic logo larger than 6" x 6" (max size is 14" x 14")
    • $65 per small crest or complex logo up to 6" x 6"
    • $185 per large crest or complex logo larger than 6" x 6" (max size is 14" x 14")
    • If you are providing your own items, add a $12 handling fee per item for the first 3 items.
  • Add $35 to upgrade to special thread or fabric, like metallic thread, or a special-order color.
  • Bulk discounts for teams and group orders where the items will have a similar setup, but will be personalized for each member of the group (i.e. different names and numbers)
    • 5-19 items = 10% discount
    • 20 - 49 items = 15% discount
    • 50 - 99 items = 20% discount
    • 100 - 199 items = 25% discount
    • 200+ items = 30% discount
  • Corporate discount for bulk orders where all items are exactly the same, like uniforms or shirts with all exactly the same logo (garments can be different sizes)
    • 20 - 49 items = 30% discount
    • 50 - 99 items = 40% discount
    • 100+ items = 50% discount



Chenille is the carpet-like letters that you see on Letterman jackets and varsity sweaters. For chenille, take the embroidery price above and add another $35 for each chenille patch.

Also note that chenille takes several weeks to produce, and cannot be rushed.

You can also order chenille letters individually here.



If this is our first time embroidering your logo, we may need to digitize it first so that our machines can embroider it. This one-time setup fee is $40 per color.

  • Please note:
    • If you provide a quality, vector .EPS file saved as version 10 or earlier, we may be able to waive or reduce the digitizing fee.
    • We reserve the right to refuse embroidery files that were digitized by another company.
    • We do not sell or give away any embroidery files that we digitize.
    • Once we have digitized your logo, we keep it on file for you forever. We can shrink it, enlarge it, change the text and/or colors for you at any time without losing quality, and at no additional charge.

DTG (Direct to Garment) Printing

For t-shirt orders less than 24 pieces, or for images that are photo-realistic or gradient heavy, DTG printing is the better alternative to screen printing.

DTG pricing starts at $30 for each front, back, or sleeve print.

This does not include the price of the garment. Our blank t-shirts start at $9.99.  

The maximum print area for DTG is 11" x 16".


Screen Printing

Screen printing pricing is determined by three things:

  1. number of shirts in your order (24 minimum)
  2. number of colors for the front design (6 maximum)  
  3. number of colors for the back design (6 maximum)  

Please email us with this information for a quote. Production time for a screen print order is an estimated 7-10 business days from the date of design approval.



Rush Production

If you need your order guaranteed by a specific date, multiply the total price by the appropriate multiple below. Please note that rush may not be an option for some orders.

  • Same day (< 24 hrs) = reg price x 3.2
  • Next business day (> 24 hrs after proof approval) = reg price x 2.4
  • 2 business days after proof approval = reg price x 2.2
  • 3 business days after proof approval = reg price x 1.8
  • 5 business days after proof approval = reg price x 1.6
  • 10 business days after proof approval = reg price x 1.3
  • No rush = production time varies depending on what you are ordering, and is only an estimate



Custom Services for Brands

  • Remove existing clothing tags: $200 per set of 100 items
  • Print your logo inside neck: $427 per set of 100 shirts
  • Produce your clothing tags: $300 per set of 100 woven labels
  • Sew in your clothing tags: $600 per set of 100 items
  • Individual poly bagging: $300 per set of 100 items

Request a Quote

If you aren't able to determine the price on your own using the above information, you may email us a full description of your project for a quote. Please attach all logos, and make sure your email answers the following questions. 

  • What type of garment(s) do you want this on? See our catalog and include style numbers.
  • Are you providing the garment(s) or are we?
  • How many (what quantity)?
  • Please also describe garment color, sizes, etc.
  • Where do you want your logo/text to be placed on the garment(s)?
  • How big do you want it to appear?
  • Do you want it screen printed, or embroidered?
  • When will you be placing the order? And by what date do you need it completed?