stuff4GREEKS: Atlanta's Hottest Greek Store

We laid our roots in the fraternity and sorority market back in 1999, when we first reserved the website (S4G). At first it was just a side hustle, selling Greek paraphernalia online here and there while we worked our full-time jobs. Little did we know it would turn into one of the most popular brands in Greek life.

Ten years later, due to customer demand, we moved the business out of our home basement and opened a boutique called Zeus' Closet in west midtown Atlanta. It was an instant hit with frats, sororities, and Masonic groups all over the southeast, but we also began to attract business from corporate clients. Now we're the go-to Atlanta Greek store, and so much more.

Today, we serve everyone from church groups to motorcycle clubs, but we never forget our Greek life roots, and we keep the stuff4GREEKS brand going strong.


Oh, and we also recently built a cool paddle shop for you to get all of the wooden letters and supplies you need to make Greek paddles.